LBI Consulting AB (former LBI Trade AB) was originally started in 2012 as family company
by Torbjörn Lundman and Carina Bassi Lundman. The idea was marketing and sell high quality design products from Italy via e-commerce. From 2019 the focus is to deliver consultant services around data and analytics. We will help company to get successful in getting insight to their valuable data. 
Within data management and data analytics area we have many years of experience. Both regarding implementing different uses cases within different industries.

Some of the services that we can deliver:

⦁ Advisory services around information management  and data architecture
⦁ Information Management services (i.e data governance, master data management etc)
⦁ Advisory an implementation of Modern Data Architecture
⦁ Business requirements analysis
⦁ Technology and platform evaluation and selection (On premise or Cloud)
⦁ Data profiling of source data to understanding of the data structure.
⦁ Information and data modelling, i.e modelling your business data (3 NF, Data Vault etc).
⦁ Design and implementation of a Modern Data Architecture
  – Data Lake design and development
  – Data warehouse architecture design and implementation
  – Persistent Stage Layer
  – DW/Integration Layer
     – Data Integration (ELT/ETL)
     – DWA (Data Warehouse Automation) for fast “time to market”.
       Patterns: ETL (Extract Transform Load) or ELT (Extract Load Transform)
   – Presentation Layer dimensional modelling and implementation.

Modern Data Architecture Overview